Ties Between generations and clutter

  Every generation has differences when it comes to dealing with clutter. It’s important to understand why we struggle with our stuff so we are aware of what habits we need to change to conquer clutter. The Silent Generation, born..


Clutter Epidemic

We’ve become a society where people feel a mysterious need to own everything.  By doing this, we are drowning in our stuff. Just look at our landfills, the number of clutter/hoarding shows and books out there, and the ever-growing industry of storage facilities. ..


Receipts Everywhere

Have receipts taken over your surfaces, wallets, pockets, and or car cubbies? Do you jump into panic mode when you need to find a specific receipt to return an item? So, what about those receipts for everyday items? What do..


“I wasn’t born organized”

Okay, you admire your friend, who is so organized it’s a little scary. You, meanwhile, can’t find your keys and are beginning to wonder if you will be unorganized for the rest of your life. So what is the big..


Single and looking for love

How do we create room for new relationships? Making space for a new love one in our lives might mean making more space in our homes. Decluttering our home removes negative energy and improves our moods, making us more attractive..


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