"I guess I’m not the only one who was embarrassed to have friends over because my house was such a mess! It was clean, but I couldn’t find anything. Then Organizer Jen strolled into my life and showed me that we could tackle it together! She gave me systems; I can find the sheets in my linen closet now. And….I can actually see the surface of my desk! Much more useful.
It was amazing how much better my home looked in a relatively short time, when we worked on it together!"

"I have known Jenn since 2012. I met her at a sorority program in which she did a presentation on her NEAT business. Since then, she has re organized and transformed my condo. I have dexterity and mobility issues, so she has made the condo more accessible to me. For me, less stuff more organized easier to move about in the condo."


"Jennifer, I was blown away at how beautiful you have made my daughter’s space! It was so lovely for her to bring her baby home to. I was so touched at how like an angel you have been. Thank you for creating simplicity and order in her life. I think your professional service is right up there with the roll of a midwife in this whole birth and parenting process.
Thank you sooo much from a mother who lives too far away to be there."
J. Reuben

"When we hired Jen we did not realize the stress she would release from our overwhelmed lives. Our home is very much lived in and at times can become cluttered and chaotic. She has tackled many rooms and brought them from lost and dysfunctional to appealing spaces. Her awareness of our needs and having the knack of knowing which items can be stored away and which items should be accessible is beyond me but she is our savior."
K. Coutts

"Jennifer has been a necessity in organizing our bedroom. She took the initiative to take the project on, even though it was daunting. She pulled the room together and is now a functional space where I feel at peace compared to waking up stressed. She was able to show us a range of products to make better use of our space, pick out appropriate paint colors to brighten up the space, and showed my husband and me a full-proof purging process. Overall her efficiency and knowledge of the process made this project I’ve been avoiding for years easier and far more enjoyable than anticipated. She has inspired us to tackle our spare room and the other storage areas of our house."
B. Elias

Jen Organizing Kitchen

"Jen will arrange small and seemingly insignificant items in such a way that the whole room looks better. Things that I would never have thought of suddenly change the appearance of the room. She has an artistic touch and eye for making things look so much more attractive and organized."
E. Cox

"Jen is not afraid of my large and sometimes difficult dogs. My dogs love her, she lets them out when she arrives and back in again when she leaves and even gives them treats. This may not seem like much to most people but if you are a dog owner, like me, then it makes a world of difference."
E. Cox

"My experience with organizing my room with Jen:

  1. It was exciting and fun time to clean my room with Jen.
  2. When I was finished my room looked amazing, fantastic, and cool.
  3. It is nice knowing where things go and makes it easy to clean up.
  4. When there is not a home for toys, books, or whatever then you know that it is time to get rid of stuff.
  5. There is floor space to play with your friends.
  6. It feels good to walk into your room.
  7. One of my favorites is the joy that it brings being able to donate my gently used toys & clothing to less fortunate children.

Thank you for organizing my room. You are a great person. Thank you Jen."
Morgan Sabo (7yrs old)

"Jen, you take chaos and turn it into order. I can’t believe how much you get done in the few hours you are here. Many thanks."
A. Meining

"One year later my office still looks incredible. Time with Jen is incredibly well spent. Not only did she help me create a better, more effective filing system, she gave me some great tips on staying organized and tidy. She is a joy to spend time with and makes an overwhelming job fell like fun. I tell people all the time, don’t give it a second thought, just hire her!!"
Kate baio


"Jen changed our lives! She dealt with all our information and created systems for everthing. My absolute favorite is her filing system, it’s genius. Getting audited used to terrify us, having it all organized now is such a relief and doing our taxes has become stress free. Everything in the office is in its place and it’s easy to maintain. She’s transformed our business and our home. Now we can focus on our business and continue enjoying our lives."
Michelle-small business owner/home owner