Clutter Epidemic

We’ve become a society where people feel a mysterious need to own everything.  By doing this, we are drowning in our stuff. Just look at our landfills, the number of clutter/hoarding shows and books out there, and the ever-growing industry of storage facilities.  This epidemic has come with a heavy price tag on our environment, and on our mental and physical health.

We buy more and cheap, instead of less and quality.  Everything is becoming disposable; we replace items that still work because we want the latest version.  The old ones usually end up in landfills or continue to clutter up our homes, versus being recycled. Our need for over-consuming has left many households financially strained and busting at the seams.


True happiness comes from our relationships, yet our society continues to try and find happiness through our “stuff”.  Yes, I admit buying “stuff” raises our spirits, but it’s not true happiness. “Stuff” has almost become a drug –because when we get it, it instantly makes us feel good.  However, “stuff” can only create the high for so long, and then we need to begin the ritual of acquiring more once again.  As Peter Walsh once said, “Having more possessions may be more suffocating than liberating. A larger house, better car, and more ‘stuff’ come with no guarantee of greater happiness.”


We are now seeing the effects from our obsession with possessions. Our homes are not too small — we have too much stuff! We are unable to concentrate and focus because we are over-stimulated by too much stuff; we are financially burdened because we buy too much stuff. You can see the pattern.


It’s time for change; it’s time to find greater happiness!
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Keeping it Neat Jen

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