“I wasn’t born organized”

Okay, you admire your friend, who is so organized it’s a little scary. You, meanwhile, can’t find your keys and are beginning to wonder if you will be unorganized for the rest of your life.

So what is the big myth behind organizing that has people feeling such despair? Well, it’s the idea that “organizing is only for type A personalities”, Yes, they are usually born organized and can be shown how to use conventional organizational tools, and with no problem, easily maintain it.

However, the rest of us to can thrive with a bit of organization… Hey, even the most artistic person needs to be able to find the keys to the studio, and pay the hydro bill on time!



How much time is wasted just searching for our “stuff”? Photo Source

The thing is creative and sensitive personality types usually require non-traditional and simple systems, because the extra steps in most conventional systems usually become their downfall.

Many don’t understand why lifting a lid to put laundry in the hamper — or putting that cordless drill back in the special case– is so hard. Thinking, their just plain lazy, but these extra steps can create the frustration that sets people back.

I’ll admit it’s not easy, especially when it doesn’t come naturally to you. However, a little persistence and changing of a few habits will allow anyone to be more productive and efficient.

Remember, you will need to tweak organizing systems to work for you. Hey, once your possessions are put into their “homes” — even if none of them look like the “home” your Type A friend would have picked — you can find the things you need, when you need them.

You don’t need to be fussy, take the fuss out of the steps, while singing “I did it my way” and get organized!

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Keeping it Neat Jen

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